6 Great Ways To Learn English From Home

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    Do you want to learn English or improve your competency level, but are too busy to go to a language school? Or maybe you just prefer studying at your own pace in your own home? Whatever your reasons for wanting to learn from home, the practical task of doing so can be more difficult than you thought. So if you are trying to improve your English for work or you’re planning a holiday to an English speaking country. Here are 6 creative ways to learn English from the comfort of your own home.


    Learn English with online Newspapers

    Have you ever tried to read an American or British newspaper and found only a few articles that interest you? Well, what you might not know is that many newspapers in Europe and beyond offer a free online English version of their paper. If you’re a reader of El país (Spain), Die Zeit (Germany), L’express (France) or even the China Daily, why not head to their websites and check out the English version of your favorite newspaper. Whatever your native language may be, catch up on your national or local news in English. This is a great free resource readily available with just a few clicks of your mouse.


    Mobile and android applications

    To not have noticed the growth of smartphone culture in recent years you must have been hiding under a rock. Smartphones are great for looking at photos of cats that look like Hitler, and for finding out the girl you went to school with has gotten fat, but they are also an incredibly useful tool for learning language. Applications such as English grammar in use, Conversational English, Busuu and Duolingo allow you the student to use those spare five minutes after lunch to actively improve your language skills. These apps range in price hugely, but many are available for free. Please do your research and read reviews first to avoid disappointment, but you can never go wrong with free…

    learn English online with YouTube videos YouTube ESl videos

    Once again, great for watching cats playing the piano; YouTube has a huge library of ESL instructional  videos on every subject you can imagine. There are a huge range of YouTube channels dedicated to  the sole purpose of teaching English and other languages. What’s the correct pronunciation of the ‘ed’  ending of words, and what does a real life English native conversation sound like? Find all kinds of ESL  specific videos, do a free online degree with yalecourses, stimulate your mind with channels such as  Bigthink or Tedtalks, and do it all in English!


    The BBC website

    The British broadcasting corporation (BBC) has dedicated a large part of its website solely for non-native English speakers to practise and improve. Just click on over to the English learning section; you will find a whole host of different activities, from downloadable podcasts of current news stories to ‘funky phrasal verb’ activities. Best of all, to check comprehension articles are also available in your native language. This is an extremely helpful resource and once again 100% free way to learn English.

    Film, television and music

    While this may seem like an obvious way to improve your English; many ESL learners are not making the most of this priceless learning resource. Films and English series can be purchased almost everywhere, but instead of watching them with subtitles in your L1 language, why not try and watch them with English subtitles. Take note of vocabulary you didn’t understand, look it up and then watch it again. Television can also be useful. Sites such as Filmon allow you to stream live TV from a number of different countries. This can be great for advanced learners and beginners alike. Music in English is available from a great deal of sources, but have you ever thought of studying the lyrics of your favourite songs and then singing along? This can improve both your vocabulary and your pronunciation. However, some care is required as songs often break grammatical rules and others, invent words “♫Skrillex ablaza the fire make it burn dem♫”.


     Take online Skype classes

    Taking lessons from home can save you money, a huge amount of time traveling and even help  you learn faster than with conventional face to face lessons. Many of us would love to learn  another language but simply do not have the time. There are websites offering intensive 30  minute, one to one classes designed specifically to make the most of your time and money. You  will find that even as little as one hour a week cannot just help you achieve your language  objectives, but also make language learning enjoyable and inclusive for you, and everyone in the language learning community. English Tutors live offers a free, no obligation trial class along with lots more useful and engaging material to help you achieve your language goals.

    So what are you waiting for? Book your free trial class today and start improving your English from home.


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