Becoming The British Monarch

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    Just how does someone become the King or Queen of England? It is certainly not a simple task and although it may not seem so, there is a great deal of luck involved!

    Throughout British history there has been various royal dynasties lasting for varying amounts of time. To start with, being king was as easy as having the biggest army, which you could then pass to your heir (almost always male). This lead to some rapid changes in who held the crown.

    There have been eight royal dynasties of England to date (since 1066): 1. Norman 2. Plantagenet 3. Lancaster 4. York 5. Tudor 6. Stuart 7. Hanover 8. Windsor

    As the video explains this procedure was changed and regulated by Parliament, with the creation of laws determining the succession.

    British Monarch

    Questions on becoming the British monarch:

    What year did Parliament establish the rules?

    What are the four main rules?

    Which religion do you have to be in order to become the monarch?

    What does the term “naturally dead” refer to? What position does the spouse (Husband or Wife) of the monarch have?

    Who does the Crown go to when the King or Queen dies?

    How did Queens happen?

    What happened in 2013 that changed things?

    What is your opinion of the Royal Family?


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