The European Union

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    The European Union is a fascinating bunch of countries that have come together in various ways. Whether or not you live in the E.U. you may have a lot of questions about how to determine what countries and people form a part of the Union, and what exactly these nations do to join the “club” so to speak.

    european union

    Here are some questions about the European Union the video answers:


    What are 3 things the E.U. member states have to do?
    What is the Eurozone and what nations are involved in it?
    What is the European Economic Area and what countries form a part of it?
    What is the Schengen Area?
    Is it possible to be a member of just one of these categories and not the others? If so, how and why?
    Why do islands and the concept of empire make the European Union even more complicated?
    What questions do you still have about the E.U. that weren’t answered in the video?
    Do you have E.U. citizenship? If so, what are some of the benefits you see to being a part of the European Union? If not, would you like to be a part of the E.U.? Why or why not?

    Comments: 1

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      The European Council uses its leadership role to sort out disputes between member states and the institutions, and to resolve political crises and disagreements over controversial issues and policies.

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