Festivals in Britain

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    Over the course of the year, there are a number of important festivals that take place in the UK. Some of them are common to most other western countries such as Christmas and new years eve. However, there are a few festivals which are distinctly British and do not occur in other countries.

    Perhaps the most notable of these is the Guy Fawkes festival which takes place on the fifth of November every year. This event marks the day of the failed plot to blow up the king of England outside Parliament in 1605. Traditionally people build bonfires and burn models of Guy Fawkes in their town or village square and there are also usually fireworks displays.

    This video takes a look at all of the main festivals in Britain and how they are celebrated. Below you can find some questions about the video to listen out for.


    Festivals in Britain - English Tutors Live


    Questions on festivals in Britain:


    What happened to Guy Fawkes in the end?

    What is the name of the festival in February? How do people celebrate it?

    Is there a difference between Valentine’s day in Britain and in your country? What do people do with the cards?

    What’s the festival on the 31st of October called?

    Which are the most important festivals in Britain? Why are they the most significant?

    What goes into the Christmas’s dinner?

    What is New Years Eve called in Scotland?
    How are the celebrations different from festivals in your country?

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