Leisure and free time in Britain

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    These days people tend to work  a lot, and so how we spend our free time is very important. In Britain as in other countries, people do a huge range of different activities outside of work. This can range from physical activities such as outdoor sports, through to interests and hobbies which can be done indoors.

    Holidays are also considered leisure time, and as we have seen in a previous topic, many people choose to spend their free time abroad when they have a few weeks holiday. There are some suprising facts mentioned in the video about how people choose to spend their time in the UK when they are not working. Which did you find most suprising?

    free time

    Questions on leisure and free time in Britain: 


    What is the most popular activity mentioned in the video that people do in their free time?

    What do young people prefer to do? How do the leisure activities differ from those that people in your country participate in?

    How do you spend your free time, and which are your favorite activites outside of work?

    If you have visited Britain, how did you spend your time, did you do any of the things mentioned in the video?


    We look forward to speaking with you all about this topic during class this week!


    The ETL team.


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