Originally from East Sussex England, Richard has both lived and worked in numerous countries due to a passion for travel and languages. Having first learned Spanish while living in Peru, Richard moved to Spain to study at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid in order to fully gain proficiency in this language while simultaneously gaining a degree, during which he also lived in Norway for a year to pick up an additional language.

    During this time he has worked as an English teacher for both academies and private classes including working in the Spanish Ministry of Finance and as head of studies at an English summer camp in Spain. Richard has recently graduated with a licienciatura (MA) in political science and administration and founded English Tutors Live in 2013 in order to provide an online space where Skype teachers and potential students can find one another with the ultimate goal of creating a learning community bringing together language learners and teachers from multiple languages.

    He currently teaches classes in both English and Spanish and is continuing to study Norwegian, Portuguese, Italian and French.

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